Welcome to Strang Herefords & Black Angus, Meeker, Colorado, located in the mountains of northwestern Colorado.  Our purebred cattle operation is based at an elevation of 6,500 feet, and the rigors of the winters require that the livestock be hardy and easy fleshing.  Strang Hereford and Angus cattle have this sort of resiliency and, therefore, will thrive in a wide variety of environments.  Not all herds have such a good test environment. Our cattle have been successfully tested in Alberta, Canada; Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Wyoming, as well as all parts of Colorado.

 Ours is a family enterprise and we have been in the Hereford business for 51 years.  22 years ago we added a registered Black Angus program.  Our four daughters, Mary, Ellen, Lisa and Sarah were pivotal to the ranch growing up and through their college years. Today, Lisa and Tom Walsh are part of the ranch.
Program Goals

Our Herefords

The demand for the right kind of Hereford cattle has never been greater and 2013 marks Strang Herefords 51st year in business.  In 1962, Bart started with ten registered Hereford first calf heifers.  He bred a productive cow herd and kept pace with the breed’s genetic improvements.  We reap the benefit of his life’s work.         

Our goal is to meet the commercial producers’ needs with consistent, predictable bulls who have a balance of economically important traits.  Fertility continues to be primary; and today’s outcross genetics  are delivering high performing bulls from these foundation cows with smaller birth weights, increased maternal and improved carcass traits.  Cattlemen can use Strang Hereford bulls with confidence and not have to worry about oversized calves with undesirable dimension.  We’re pleased  to report that 75% of our 2013 Hereford sale bulls are in the top 25th percentile or better, of the breed for marbling.  39% are in the 10th percentile and 10% in the 5th or above for this important trait.   

We continue to emphasize the importance of structural correctness, muscle, good udders with small teats, milking and easy fleshing ability, as well as eye pigment.  Our balanced bulls go into Hereford-Angus baldy programs.

Our Black Angus

We’ve  bred a strain of Angus cattle suitable for our high altitude and harsh winters.  Producing three-dimensional, thick Angus has been our goal as well. 

To this end, we’ve line-bred our herd with known low PAP (Pulmonary Arterial Pressure) genetics and emphasized maternal traits, calving ease, easy fleshing ability, feed efficiency, muscle and structural correctness.  This year’s Angus long yearling sale bulls are very consistent in phenotype and low PAP scores. (There are/were none over 42.)

 The down side of having a closed herd is that the cattle’s performance figures (EPDs) become flat and don’t reflect their ability to perform.  The animals’ consistency impacts their figures as well because EPDs are designed to reflect differences among contemporaries. On the positive side, customers will enjoy significant hybrid vigor from these line-bred genetics. 

The cattle will profile well and have substance from behind.  We’ve moderated our cow herd’s frame score and made them stouter with increased capacity and extended longevity.  They travel on good feet, are fertile and have good udders.  We're happy to say that, they match our Herefords in terms of overall phenotype and muscle. 

Pulmonary Arterial Pressure

Acceptable Pulmonary Arterial Pressure for high altitudes is another focus of our breeding programs.  This is important to our many commercial customers who summer their cattle at/above 8-9,000 feet above sea level.  PAP, as it is known, is not an exact science, but it is the only tool the industry has in trying to avoid brisket disease at high altitudes.  An animal’s PAP is significantly affected by his/her genetics, environment and, to a lesser degree, nutrition. 

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