Hereford Reference Sires

Our Hereford cattle are the result of over 51 years of performance testing, stringent culling and progressive genetic expansion.  Our Hereford herd sires are a powerful set of bulls and we use Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer to maximize the use of the best genetics.

It's important to document that our Hereford cattle are genetically free all known genetic defects.

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CL 1 Domino 739T #42788353

CED+2.4, BW+12.4, WW+54, YW+75, MM +24, M&G+51, CEM +2.0,S.C.+0.8,Fat +0.022, REA+.10, Marbl +.31

739T is a calving ease bull with muscle & very low PAP.  He has a big top & as a yearling, his REA measured 13.33".  His get are thick, correct, high performing individuals and are loaded with maternal qualities.  His marbling EPD is in the top 2% of the breed and he's in the top 1% of the breed for Milk & M&G.  

CL 1 Domino 739T
Calved 01-09-07  Reg #42788353
Birth Weight 88 lbs.
PAP 33

     CL 1 Domino 9126J 1ET
CL 1 Domino 477P
     CL 1 Dominette 839(DOD)
     HH Advance 8093H
CL 1 Dominette 367N
     CL 1 Dominette 132L

F157K Ribstone 715 #42781570
CED+3.2, BW+4.8,  WW+49, YW+79, MM +32,M&G+56,CEM +2.6,S.C.+1.4, Fat -0.007, REA+.14, Marbl+.15


715 is a heavily pigmented son of K 64H Ribstone 157K, known for his blend of REA, Marbling, YW & Milk.  He's a performance bull with excellent carcass data.  715 is well muscled, long, puts a stamp on his calves and is outbreeding himself.  Although his BW EPD is a +4.8, his 2013 calves averaged 83 lbs. at birth.

F 157K Ribstone 715
Calved 01-08-07  Reg #42781570
Birth Weight 94 lbs.
PAP 38

     Standard 16E Ribstone 64H
K 64H Ribstone Lad 157K
     K61Z Super Lady 41G
     Rb L1 Domino 8077
F MS 8077 Domino 149(DOD)
     F MS 618 Domino 929

SH 501R Domino 816U #42910728

CED+4.9, BW+1.5,  WW+18, YW+46, MM +20,M&G+29,CEM +2.0, S.C.+0.6, Fat +0.009, REA+.10, Marbl+.15


816U has muscle, length & pigment, and sires low BW calves.  He's out of a top 164D cow who, like him, is heavily pigmented; and his sire is CL 1 Domino 501R a total outcross who was sired by CL 1 Domino 9126J 1 ET.  816U has been bred to a lot of heifers which has impacted his performance figures, but some of the top 2013 bull calves are his out of older cows.  

SH 501R Domino 816U
Calved 03-04-08  Reg #42910728
Birth Weight 84 lbs.
PAP 39

     CL 1 Domino 9126J 1ET
CL 1 Domino 501R
     CL 1 Dominette 806H
     JNHR 414 Diamnd 164D
SH Miss Diamond 56K
     SH Miss Outlaw 428

CL 1 Domino 501R #42571107 (deceased)
CED+4.9,BW+2.3,WW+31,YW+60, M+20,M&G+38,CEM+0.8,S.C.+0.6, Fat +0.011, REA-.06,Marbl +.05

501R will continue to be used AI and through Embryo Transfer.  He was a thick bull with a good hip and plenty of bone.  Both he & 739T nick well with 164D.  Reference Sire 3, SH 501R Domino 816U is testimony to this mating.  Some top ET sons sell in 2013's sale who consistently out perform their figures and those of 501R.

CL 1 Domino 501R
Calved 02-03-05  Reg #42571107
Birth Weight 91 lbs.
PAP 42

     HH Advance 767G 1ET
     CL 1 Dominette 490 (DOD)
     HH Advance 514E 3ET
     CL 1 Dominette 6154F

Churchill Rancher 741T ET #42791013
CED-3.5, BW+6.0,  WW+56, YW+90, MM +18,M&G+45,CEM -0.2,S.C.+1.2, Fat +0.079, REA-.14, Marbl+.30

741T ET has strong WW, YW, Milk and Marbling EPD's, and is a very easy fleshing bull.  His get are loaded with muscle and will be popular on sale day.  His Marbling EPD is exceptional as are his Weaning and Yearling Wt. EPD's. They will add pounds to your calves.

Churchill Rancher 741T ET
Calved 01-19-07  Reg #42791013
Birth Weight 85 lbs.
PAP 39

     MH Dakota 0230
Churchill Rancher 592R
     Churchill Lady 202
     Churchill Dom 7129
Churchill Lady 0108
     Churchill Lady 805

K 64H Ribstone Lad 157K # 42267708 (deceased)
CED+4.2, BW+5.0, WW+50, YW+87, M+38, M&G+63 CEM+4.9, S.C.+2.0. Fat-0.022, REA+0.20, Marbl+0.36

157K is a multiple trait leader for YW, Milk, REA and Marbling in the Hereford breed.  His females are top producers with neat udders and femininity; and his bulls are muscular, high performers with tremendous eye appeal & carcass merit. Herd Sire F157K Ribstone 715 is sired by this great bull.

K 64H Ribstone Lad 157K
Calved 05-13-00  Reg #42267708

     Standard Ribstone 16E
     Standard Lass 23E
     SNS Super PaceET 61ZR (CHB)

     K 58X Master Lady 89Z

UPS Domino 3027(CHB) (deceased)
CED+10.1, BW-1.5, WW+47, YW+77, M+36, M&G+60, CEM+5.2, S.C.+1.1. Fat+0.011, REA+0.44, Marbl+0.33

3027 is a trait leader combining exceptional calving ease with solid growth and outstanding carcass data.  His females milk and have excellent udders.  3027 shows the influence of his maternal grand sire, SH Diamond 881 - Reference sire 6, phenotypically and in his progeny.

SH Diamond 881 (SOD) #41012924 (deceased)
CED+1.2,BW+4.0,WW+40,YW+60, M+32,M&G+52,CEM+0.2,S.C.+0.8, Fat +0.026,REA+.09,Marbl +.22

881 was the high selling bull in our 1999 sale to Upstream Ranch, Taylor, NE, where he was a top maternal sire.  He ranks in the top 1% of the breed for Milk, top 5% for M&G, and top 5% for Marbling.

SH Diamond 881 (SOD)
Calved 03-13-98  Reg #41012924
Birth Weight 90 lbs.
PAP 39

     JNHR Diamond ET 414B(SOD)
JNHR 414Diamond 164D (SOD)
     K 83W Red Lady 137A
     HR Red Adv 233 2ET (SOD)
SH Red Miss 436 (DOD)
     SH Miss Flash 118

JNHR 414 Diamnd 164D #19569556 (deceased)

CED -2.7, BW+6.0, WW+47,  YW+75, M+29, M&G+53, CEM-0.6, S.C.+1.2,Fat -0.017, REA+.20, Marbl+.06

164D gave us fertility, muscle, milk (top 2.5% of the breed), easy fleshing ability & pigment.  His genetics are consistent and proven.  Our line-bred cow herd is his legacy and they cross successfully with all of our outcross herd sires.

JNHR 414 Diamnd 164D
Calved 08-02-04  Reg #19569556
Birth Weight 88 lbs.
PAP 39

     Bell L Diamnd 12Z ET
JNHR Diamond 414 B ET
     CH AP Amy 41
     K68T Red Lad 83W
     K 25N Comandett 94U

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